Music Therapist

Location: The Sonatina Center, LLC
Hagerstown, MD

Contact: Marissa Scott

Job Description:

Qualifications: Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy. Candidates for this position must be board-certified and eligible for Licensed Professional Music Therapist (LPMT). Experience working with early childhood and school-age children and older adults; Preferred candidates will need the ability to adapt to a variety of clinical settings and clients in their caseload. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency of clinical musicianship on piano, guitar, voice and rhythmic improvisation.

Hours: Part-time with expectation that candidate will grow to full-time; will expand on this in interviews.

Schedule/Availability: Flexible schedule

Salary: Hourly, based on experience (Salary range $34-$40/hour)

Benefits: PTO, Paid Individual & Group Supervision, Professional Liability Insurance, Paid Travel Time, Mileage Reimbursement, Professional Membership Reimbursement, Certification Dues, Professional Development Reimbursement, Instrument Budget, Health Insurance (at 30 hours).

Job Description: As a culturally-centered and social justice oriented practice, we are seeking a music therapy candidate who is reflexive, confident, organized, self-starting, and committed to social justice. The current position requires experience working with all ages (infant to adult) in a variety of clinical settings including schools, hospitals, and community organizations. The candidate is expected to participate in critical reflexivity of their position as a music therapist, their clinical work, and develop personal development goals through weekly supervision. As a community centered practice, we provide individual and group therapy, while also engaging in community music therapy such as child enrichment groups, music lessons, and other events. Clinical work takes place in community facilities, and client homes, and in and around Hagerstown, MD and Chambersburg, PA, therefore the candidate must have reliable transportation. The candidate must be able to effectively communicate with other professionals, conduct assessments, plan, organize, lead music therapy sessions, document and evaluate progress toward individualized, co-created goals. Compensation allotted for travel and weekly supervision. Allowances for continuing education, supplies and instrument purchases, and mileage reimbursement (in addition to travel pay).

Workplace: The Sonatina Center is a culturally centered practice that holistically supports each individual through a culturally and contextually-aware lens. We are an anti-racist and affirming workplace. We openly accommodate disabled applicants and would love to hear about how we can support you in your application. Employees participate in both individual and group supervision with other creative arts therapists at the center.

Organization: The Sonatina Center, LLC; Hagerstown, MD

Start Date: Flexible start date; Fall 2023 or later.

How to Apply: Please send (email) resume and cover letter to Marissa Scott, MA, MT-BC, CLD, at: 603-978-4808. Your cover letter must outline how you align and embody our mission statement and why you feel you would be a good fit for this position. Resume and cover letter should be attached as a PDF document. Applications without these requirements will not be considered.

Open Date: 8/3/2023
Close Date: 12/31/2023