Welcome to the Peer Support Spaces hosted by MAR-AMTA!

All music therapists and music therapy students in the region are welcome to attend with the exception of the Neurodivergent MT space which is an affinity space exclusive to MT’s and MT students who identify as Neurodivergent. (Self diagnosis included). We ask that everyone respect anonymity and confidentiality in this meeting and all meetings. If you have registered previously, you will automatically be registered for future dates. (You can just disregard future zoom emails if you aren’t attending or email if you’d like to be taken off). We can continue to decide on time, format, and shared agreements collaboratively at the start of each meeting. Please direct any questions, concerns or ideas to Audrey Hausig at president@maramta.org or Lindsy Burns at vpmembership@maramta.org.  

Educator’s Support Space

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Contemporary Issues in Music Therapy

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Intern and Practicum Supervisor’s Support Space

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Neurodivergent Music Therapist and Music Therapy Students Affinity Support Space

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Researcher’s Support Space

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