The Anti-Oppressive Accountability Ad-hoc committee was formed in October 2020 and given the following charge:

“Review and examine the oppressive structures that perpetuate harm to historically and systemically marginalized stakeholders of the region, explore alternative organizational structures, and present initial findings to the board.”

This report goes in-depth about the findings of the committee and as a result the document is very long and dense. A summary of each section and audio files will be forthcoming as a way to increase accessibility; the executive board felt it was important to share the report in its entirety with the region as soon as possible to promote transparency and allow for discussion of the findings. Updates will be announced on our social media pages, thank you for your patience.

We understand that this is a sensitive topic and a lot of information. Please be mindful of your well-being while reading; take breaks when needed and give yourself time and space to process.

We will be discussing this report at out upcoming town hall meeting on December 14th. Click the link for additional information on this event:

Click to view the full report.

Click here to open a YouTube playlist of the results.

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