Constitution and Bylaws

Below you can find our past and current versions of MAR’s constitution and bylaws. The MAR Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee invites and welcomes feedback from stakeholders in the region. We invite you to share your thoughts via this google doc:  

Additionally, we are planning a virtual meeting for the MAR community to share feedback and you may always reach out to Audrey Hausig, Committee chair to share thoughts and questions as presidentelect@maramta,org. Please submit feedback before 3/8/2022 in order for it to be considered in the 2022 revisions, which will be presented to the membership to vote on in April.

Constitution and Bylaws Revisions

Current MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2021
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2019
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2018
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2017
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2016
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2015
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2014
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2012
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2011
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2010
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2009
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2008
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2007
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2006