The MAR-AMTA Bylaws is a living document that governs the Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Music Therapy Association. They describe the purpose of the organization, makeup and duties of the Executive Board, and the role of membership. As it is a living document, revisions are often ratified; past versions of the Bylaws are archived below for reference if needed.

Proposed Revisions for MARAMTA Bylaws 2023

The Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct detail the guidelines for any internet-based, official MARAMTA or otherwise related online element, as well as how the Executive Board and MARAMTA members should conduct themselves online. These will be revised as needed.

Past Bylaws Revisions

Current MARAMTA Bylaws 2023
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2022
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2021
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2019
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2018
MARAMTA Constitution & Bylaws 2017
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2016
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2015
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2014
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2012
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2011
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2010
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2009
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2008
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2007
MARAMTA_Constitution & Bylaws_2006

Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct

MARAMTA Social Media Policy 2022
MARAMTA Social Media Code of Conduct 2022


MARAMTA_Goals 2023-2025