Clinical Skills Instructor: Voice

Location: Immaculata University
1145 King road Immaculata, PA

Contact: Joe Gehring

Job Description:

The Music Therapy programs at Immaculata University is seeking a Board-Certified Music Therapist to serve as an adjunct professor for Clinical Music Skills: Voice. Students take voice, guitar, and piano lessons to develop skills and repertoire, as well as interventions, to be implemented in a music therapy context, and inform their learning in classroom, practicum, and internship settings. The requirements and content of this course are in accordance with the AMTA competencies as listed in the course outcomes below. 

These lessons are typically 30 minutes in length. They are scheduled between student and professor based on their availability and conducted in a practice room on our campus. These must be in-person lessons. 

The course description is below:

Course Description: Students will develop technical and therapeutic vocal skills relevant to music therapy clinical practice. These skills involve the ability to sing varied repertoire from different genres expressively in a strong, clear tone with accurate pitch in a range of keys. These skills consider the various needs of different clients that students may encounter in clinical work.

Course Outcomes and Assessments
Program Outcome # Course Outcome Assessment
No. 1, 2

AMTA Competencies
4.1.6 1. Student will demonstrate the following technical skills required in a therapeutic setting:
    a. Ability to project one’s voice comfortably to provide the appropriate vocal leadership
   b. Vocal endurance: measured in the ability to sing comfortably throughout the course of a workday
   c. Ability to sing in keys favored by various client populations.
   d. Ability to sing in a clear, simple voice that connects to clients and encourages clients to sing along.
  e. Ability to sing appropriately in various genres, i.e. jazz, gospel, rock, pop, broadway, etc Demonstration in lesson
Outcome No. 1, 2

AMTA Competencies
4.1.3; 4.2
4.3 2. Student will build a repertoire specifically related to future practicum populations and demonstrate the ability to sing 5 songs according to above specifications. Demonstration in class
Outcome No. 1, 2

AMTA Competencies
4.1.3; 4.2
4.3 3. Student will demonstrate ability to spontaneously harmonize above or below melody lines according to then following and based on student’s level of vocal skill:
Basic: The student will create a vocal harmony over very simple Children’s songs (2 and 3 chord progressions)
Intermediate: The student will harmonize over 4 and 5 chord progression melodies such as: Beatles, pop, and Broadway Demonstration in class
Outcome No. 1, 2

AMTA Competencies
4.1.3; 4.2
4.3 4. Student will demonstrate ability to improvise over 2 and 3 pattern chord progressions based on student’s level of vocal skill.

Basic: The student will improvise over 2 chords (I, IV and I V).
Intermediate: The student will improvise vocally over 2 and 3 chord progressions in different modes and meters. (e.g. Aeolian, Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian

Open Date: 8/9/2023
Close Date: 9/1/2023