Affinity Group Meetings

MAR Regional Conference Affinity Spaces: These meetings are open to students and professionals in the MAR who identify as the socio-cultural identities/community of each group. (Conference Registration is not needed to attend.)

Thursday, April 4th

  • 5:45pm: Disabled Music Therapists Affinity Meeting
    • The disabled music therapists’ affinity meeting is open to disabled music therapists and current music therapy students and interns in the MAR. Conference registration is not required to attend the affinity meeting. Facilitators for this meeting will be Kerry Devlin and Rachel Reed.
  • 8:00pm:  Black Music Therapy Network: Meeting ID: 811 1175 5114  Passcode: 210668
    • Hosted by Tatyana Martin 

Saturday, April 6th

  • 4:00: Fat Community for Music Therapists:
    • This is a new affinity space, so the focus will currently be on building relationships and connecting. Future intentions may include introducing fat liberation and HAES frameworks to the field of music therapy.” You can list me as Ash Taylor (she/her).  
  • 6:00: SWANA Affinity group:
    • Southwest Aisn and North African Music Therapist. Hosted by Zein Hassanein.
  • 7:00: LGBTQ+ Music Therapy Alliance:
    • Non-hierarchical LGBTQ+ Music Therapy Alliance, Hosted by Love Them
  • 8:00: Asian Music Therapy Network:
    • Hosted by Megan Kong and Jenny Fu
  • Latineé MT affinity space: We are unfortunately unable to hold this space at conference this year. We look forward to working on supporting this community moving forward.