2024 Bylaws Revisions Proposals and Business Meetings

Please find the 2024 Bylaws Revision Proposals at this link. These will be read and discussed General Business Meetings and members (including students) will vote on approving these revisions to be sent out to the membership for electronic voting via email. Please direct questions or comments to the Bylaws Committee Chair, Amanda Montera at presidentelect@maramta.org.

Here you will find links and dates for the meetings. We are thrilled to welcome students to our general business meetings!

  • General Business Meeting 1: Friday 4/5, 2:00: zoom  
  • General Business Meeting 2: Saturday 4/6 11:00 zoom 
  • MARAMTAS Meeting 1: Friday 4/5 4:00 (STUDENTS ONLY): zoom
  • MARAMTAS Meeting 2: Saturday 4/6 1:20 (STUDENTS ONLY): zoom (please note the time change)

For those interested in our live and asynchronous conference, you can see all concurrent sessions, meetings, and CMTE’s hereIf you have any questions, comments, notice any errors, or have any suggestions, please reach out to president@maramta.org.

2024 Bylaws Revision Proposals