Ballots for Proposed Changes to Bylaws and 2023 Elections

Dear Members of MAR-AMTA,

If you are an active member of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Music Therapy Association, please check you email inboxes for the Ballots for Proposed Changes to Bylaws and the 2023 Elections. This email was sent out on Saturday, June 17th. All information about the proposed changes and the candidates running in the election was contained in that email.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as the delay in sending out these ballots has been delayed far longer than anticipated. We acknowledge that the length of the delay was not acceptable and have started putting safeguards in place so that this type of thing will not happen again. It is in our efforts to be transparent in the workings of the Region that we share this information with you.

Both ballots will be open for two weeks and will close on July 1 at 11:59 pm. At this time, “professional members in good standing, student members who have been professional members but have returned to graduate school and student status, retired professional members and Honorary Life Members who are eligible for professional membership” may vote. (There is a proposal to open up voting to student members, but that is not currently in effect.) One vote may be cast per person.