Clinician-Led Panel Discussion on MT with Older Adults (10/28) Recording

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Here is the recording of our clinician-led panel discussion on music therapy with older adults! Below are the chat text, closed caption text, and the audio only file for your enjoyment. Thank you to everybody who participated!

MAR-AMTA Clinician-Led Panel Discussion on MT with Older Adults
Chat Text

11:49:19 From liisa.murray : Yes! I've had that experience too Abigail, that can be so challenging.

12:04:46 From VP Membership - Clarissa (she/her) To Panelist - Nancy Server(privately) : Hi! I’m so sorry I didn’t bring you in - please unmute yourself and jump in to introduce yourself whenever you can!

12:14:18 From Maria G (she/her) : Dumb question… why do you have to be careful singing “Jingle Bells.” Did I miss something in its history?

12:15:42 From Alysha Suley : Yes I see that a lot - the family reports a preference for someone with moderate/advanced dementia, but the individual responds best to music from 20 years before they were born.

12:20:47 From Panelist - Holly Semrow : Music Therapy Perspectives article from 2014-"Music Therapist's Perceptions of Top Ten Popular Songs by Decade" Cevasco-Trotter, VanWeelden, Bula

12:23:15 From Paula Unsal : What are your opinions about introducing new music that can be learned, e.g. simple chorus to repeat?

12:59:20 From Paula Unsal : Thanks to all the panelists for giving your time to create this opportunity for sharing. Thanks Clarissa for your work to make this possible.

13:00:24 From Panelist - Pauline Broberg-Lewin : Sikora- Music Preferences of Geriatric Clients

13:01:03 From Panelist - Pauline Broberg-Lewin : Pierce- Hospice music therapy Repertoitre and Techniques

13:01:21 From Panelist - Pauline Broberg-Lewin : Two top, guiding articles on hospice…

13:02:25 From liisa.murray : Thank you, panelists!

13:02:56 From Laura Gribble : Yes, thank you, panelists!

Closed Caption Text
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