Townhall Meeting

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The 3rd quarter MAR town hall meeting was hosted on Sunday, Sept 26, from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm over Zoom. Membership wrote in topics of what they wanted discussed during the meeting. Topics included updates from the assembly, state licensure updates, and an open forum for members. One of the open forum discussions was a review of anonymous voting in the previous MAR executive board election.

Chat Text

19:10:22 From Brian Abrams (He, Him, His) : Hot mic! Hot mic!

19:12:22 From Becki Warren (she/her) : hi all! Becki, from Dunkirk, NY. keeping my camera off but glad to be here to listen!

19:13:45 From Brian Abrams (He, Him, His) : Hi Everyone…Brian Abrams, Past MAR President, from Montclair, NJ, here. Good to see everyone!

19:14:27 From Barbara MacLean : I will introduce myself with my statement

19:46:05 From Stephenie Sofield (She/Her/Hers) :

19:46:57 From Stephenie Sofield (She/Her/Hers) : 19:59:26 From Barbara MacLean : If you’d like a copy of my statement, please email me at I’ve been having some trouble, so if you don’t get a response within 24 hours, use

20:19:41 From Nicole Hahna’s iPhone : Thank you to the board for all of your work. My request for upcoming elections is that the slate of candidates use either anonymous or confidential statements, as these are quite different and each person’s statements varied widely between the two in the past election. Having consistent parameters for statements could help us better vote/compare in a truly anatomy’s manner.

20:21:52 From Stephenie Sofield (She/Her/Hers): 58

20:31:04 From Elizabeth Schwartz : Thank you.

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