1. To support the MAR music therapy community through providing education, advocacy and scholarships, celebrating research and growth and holding space for challenges, accountability, healing, and co-creation. 
  2. To increase safety, equity, justice, accessibility, and inclusion in MAR spaces and structures. 
  3. To continue to identify and dismantle oppressive structures and practices in all areas of operation including meetings, legal documents, communication, conferences, social media and finances.
  4. To increase membership through increasing safety, inclusion, accessibility, transparency, communication, and restorative justice.
  5. To increase awareness of music therapy to the larger community and to support community members in their advocacy
  6. To collaborate with other regions of the AMTA and with the AMTA to support our communities. 
  7. To support and collaborate with (MARAMTAS) music therapy students in the MAR community. 
  8. To be fiscally responsible as a Region, and to be sensitive to the financial needs of the community.