Scholarships, Grants, and Awards

The Mid-Atlantic Region is proud to offer a variety of supports in the form of scholarships, grants, and awards to its professional and student members.

Support for Student Members

Please see the details available on the Student Scholarships page.

Support for Professional Members

Membership Support Fund

Membership in The American Music Therapy Association, and therefore the Mid-Atlantic Region of AMTA, provides a number of benefits which notably include: discounted rates for conferences, free CMTE credits, advocacy work on the state and national levels, and both printed and online access to past, present, and future journals. Perhaps even more important than the above stated membership perks, is that membership in AMTA also affords your voice a vote in the increasingly important AMTA and MAR-AMTA elections.
The MAR-AMTA believes strongly in our members and supports music therapists who reside in the Region and have financial constraints that limit their ability to join AMTA. The Region will provide one membership support award to cover the current cost of AMTA membership dues (currently valued at $250.00). Applications are anonymously reviewed and discretion is paramount throughout the application procedure.
To apply for the 2022 MAR-AMTA Membership Support Fund, music therapists must reside in the Mid-Atlantic Region and maintain their Board Certification from CBMT. The recipient of the MAR Membership Support Fund will be required to show proof of membership once the award has been disbursed. The deadline for applications is December 10th, 2021 and notification of the award will be made by December 17th, 2021. To apply for this scholarship, please use the following link:
[image description: beige background with leaf outline border, text reads Open to MT-BCs living in the Mid-Atlantic Region, MAR-AMTA membership support award applications due by December 10th 2021. The Award will pay for 100% of the AMTA dues for the 2022 annual membership, valued at $250]

Link to Application:

Deadline: December 10th, 2021

MAR-AMTA's Research Proposal for Members


Grant Proposal Announcement[Image Description: Orange banner with white text reads, “Announcement from the Research Committee”. Black text reads, “A general research grant aware up to $5000 for members of MAR-AMTA. Proposal due date: March 6, 2021. Obtain guidelines from Shawna Vernisie at”.]

The MAR Research Award provides financial assistance to members of the MAR (students and
professionals) who wish to pursue a research study consistent with the mission and goals of the MAR.
Research studies should further clinical, professional, or disciplinary knowledge. Quantitative/
objectivist, qualitative/interpretivist, or mixed methods as well as well as research synthesis may be
used according to the research question(s) posed. Priority will be given to those applications
reflecting research that: 1) addresses a need in relation to the MAR mission and goals, 2) can
reasonably be completed within a twelve-month period, and 3) includes methodology that is
presented in a clear and systematic fashion.


Up to $5,000

Deadline March 6, 2021

For more information on the MAR Research Awards, please contact Shawna Vernisie at

Collaborative Research Award

The MAR Collaborative Research Award is under revision.

For more information on the MAR Research Awards, contact Gene Ann Behrens, MAR Research Committee.

Link to Application Form: Document under revision

Link to Application (PDF): Document under revision

Deadline: N/A

MAR-AMTA National Conference Award

The MAR-AMTA is offering a scholarship to support member involvement in the national conference! Please apply at

All applicants must submit an online application with a one-page essay (400 words or less) stating why they would like to be considered for the MAR-AMTA National Conference Award and how they would benefit from it personally and professionally.  All applications are due by October 8th, 2021.  You must be a current MAR-AMTA professional or student member in good standing to qualify for the award.  The essays will be assigned an ID number, then distributed and reviewed independently by members of an anonymous review panel.  The panel will return their ratings and the highest ranked essay will be selected. The award recipient will be notified by email the following week.  Please direct any questions to the Vice President for Membership at

Link to Application: MAR-AMTA National Conference Award Application

Deadline: October 8th, 2021

The Mid-Atlantic Region Janet C. Murphy Memorial Conference Award
The Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) Janet C. Murphy Memorial Conference Award offers monetary assistance to professional members to support member involvement at the regional conference. The award recipient will receive:

  • Free conference registration
  • Free participation in CMTE courses and Institutes
  • $250 to offset conference-related expenses

To be considered for the MAR Janet C. Murphy Memorial Conference Award, please complete the following application by 11:59 pm on March 1st, 2021. You must be a current MAR-AMTA member in good standing to qualify for the award. Your one-page narrative (400 words or less) will be assigned an ID number, then distributed and reviewed independently by members of a blind review panel. The panel will return their ratings and the applicants with the highest ranked essays will be selected. Award winners will be notified by email by mid-March. To apply for this scholarship, please visit this link:

Link to Application:

Deadline: March 1, 2021

Professional Development Award

This award is temporarily on hold and will be restored as soon as possible.

The Mid-Atlantic Region Arts Advocacy Day Scholarship Fund


Link to application: N/A

Deadline: N/A


Advocacy Award


Link to Application: N/A

Deadline: N/A

All applications should be submitted electronically by the deadline to be considered.