Headshot of Tatyana Martin

Tatyana N. Martin

Government Relations Chair

Tatyana N. Martin, MMT, LPMT, MT-BC, is the Rehabilitation Director and music therapist at a forensic state hospital in Maryland. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Seton Hill University and Master of Music Therapy
from Slippery Rock University. Her research during her master’s degree was recently published entitled Embodying the Black/African American experience through collaborative improvised music and dance/movement: Implications for the practice of music therapy. Additionally, she received the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) Change Maker Award and Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) Service Award for her advocacy work on the Maryland State Task Force helping Maryland achieve licensure. Currently, she is the Maryland State Task Force Co-Chair and Membership Co-Chair for Black Music Therapy Network (BMTN).

As per the MAR-AMTA Bylaws, Article III, Section 10 the Government Relations Chair shall: serve as regional representative to the Government Relations Committee of AMTA; establish and/or maintain a handbook outlining job responsibilities; attend Regional Executive Board meetings; submit annual written report at the regional conference; coordinate state efforts in implementing the AMTA/CBMT State Recognition Operational Plan within the MAR; submit to the President proposed state task force chairs for Board appointment to state task forces (for areas specified in Article V, Section 2 of the Bylaws); direct and assist the State Task Forces in advocating change in public policy conducive to the practice of music therapy; assist State Task Forces in facilitating communication among music therapists in their areas; direct issues and concerns from the membership, and/or the State Task Forces, to the Executive Board and the appropriate committees; maintain regular communication with AMTA and CBMT in order to work collaboratively in implementing the State Recognition Operational Plan within the MAR; and carry out such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board.