Government Relations Chair

Headshot of Stephenie SofieldStephenie Sofield, MM, MT-BC, is a music therapist at Avanzar, a social justice agency in New Jersey, where she provides music therapy to child witnesses of intimate partner violence. She is currently a PhD student at Drexel University and is interested in intersectional feminist research methodologies.

As per the MAR-AMTA Bylaws, Article III, Section 10 the Government Relations Chair shall: serve as regional representative to the Government Relations Committee of AMTA; establish and/or maintain a handbook outlining job responsibilities; attend Regional Executive Board meetings; submit annual written report at the regional conference; coordinate state efforts in implementing the AMTA/CBMT State Recognition Operational Plan within the MAR; submit to the President proposed state task force chairs for Board appointment to state task forces (for areas specified in Article V, Section 2 of the Bylaws); direct and assist the State Task Forces in advocating change in public policy conducive to the practice of music therapy; assist State Task Forces in facilitating communication among music therapists in their areas; direct issues and concerns from the membership, and/or the State Task Forces, to the Executive Board and the appropriate committees; maintain regular communication with AMTA and CBMT in order to work collaboratively in implementing the State Recognition Operational Plan within the MAR; and carry out such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board.