MAR-AMTA provides materials free to its members in order to help to promote music therapy more widely throughout our region. We provide the materials and the shipping costs.

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What is Music Therapy?

what_is_MTA slideshow presentation based on the AMTA Music Therapy FAQ’s, suitable for general presentations about music therapy. Available in .pdf and .ppt formats.



Slideshow Template

slideshow_templateA template for creating slideshow presentations specific to your work setting or population, great for developing workplace in-services or giving more in-depth presentations about your work. Available as a Powerpoint or Keynote file.




MT_Makes_DifferMusic Therapy Makes a Difference

Public education brochure features bright colors and bold graphics highlighting the definition of music therapy, how music therapists make a difference with varying populations, what one can expect from a music therapist, what music therapists do, where music therapists work and how to locate music therapists. This high-impact brochure will be sure to catch the eyes of administrators, legislators and non-music therapists.



MT_As_CareerMusic Therapy As a Career

An excellent addition to presentations for career day or for all interested in pursuing a career in music therapy. A description of music therapy is offered as well as discussion of the qualifications, requirements and process to become a music therapist. Contains a listing of AMTA-approved schools which offer degree programs in music therapy.



Glossy Reprints of Media Articles

MT_Soothes_AlzMusic Soothes Alzheimer’s
(7/24/2006, USA Today)

This two-sided USA TODAY reprint on the benefits of music therapy, published under the “Your Health” column.



Music_Soothing_CordMusic Strikes a Soothing Chord
(7/10/2006, USA Today)

This two-sided USA TODAY reprint on the benefits of music therapy, published under the “Your Health” column.



Music_n_MindMusic and the Mind
(11/14/2005, Time)

This one page article featuring music therapy with Alzheimer’s clients was published under the “Your Time Health” section.



Note_HealingA Note of Healing: Music Helps Manage Asthma, COPD
(3/7/2005, Advance)

Four-page article features the benefits of pairing Music Therapy in Respiratory Therapy interventions.



Music_Good_MedMusic is Good Medicine
(9/21/1998, Newsweek)

A great addition to any presentation about the benefits and acceptance of music therapy.