Committee Overview:

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for implementing public relations efforts across the region, including (but not limited to): coordinating MAR materials to current members, assisting members in local and state public relations efforts, maintaining MAR online presence across various social media platforms, and coordinating the MAR booth at the AMTA National Conference.

Public Relations Materials

Did you know that the Mid-Atlantic Region currently subsidizes all PR materials from AMTA for it’s members? We are passionate about supporting advocacy efforts across the region and are proud to offer this as a membership benefit. For a complete list of the materials available, and information on ordering these items, click here.

Exhibit Materials

The Mid-Atlantic Region is proud to provide several exhibit pieces that can be reserved and utilized  for events promoting music therapy around the region.

The following materials may be reserved by any MAR regional or state board member, committee member, or state task force member:

Large Vertical Banner and Banner Stand

Dimensions: 2.5’ x 6’

Description: Tall vertical banner featuring MAR logo and picture of elderly woman playing guitar. Tagline text reads “Music Therapy, Transforming Lives”.

Small Vertical Banner and Banner Stand

Dimensions: 1.7’ x 3’

Description: Smaller vertical than can be used for tabletop or floor display. Featuring photo of small boy and female music therapist playing piano. Text highlights areas music therapy can impact as well as populations served by music therapists.

Table Cover

Dimensions: 132’’ x 90’’ (fits 6’ table)

Description: Gray table cover featuring MAR logo

Guidelines for Use

The above exhibit materials may be reserved by any MAR regional or state board member, committee member, or state task force member for the use at any event focused on promoting music therapy.

The following steps outline the process for accessing, using, and returning these materials:

    1. Complete and submit the “Exhibit Materials Request Form”. Requests should be submitted no later than two weeks before your event.
    2. Once you’ve submitted your request, a member of the Public Relations committee will contact you to confirm your reservation and the availability of the materials.
    3. Materials will be shipped to the address on the request form. An email will be sent out with instruction for assembly.
    4. After the event, the materials must be packed and shipped to the return address no later than one week after the event is complete.