MAR-AMTA Regional Conference Rates April 4th-6th, 2024

Live Virtual and Asynchronous (watch no your own later)

Register now:

Conference Rates:
  • Students: $75
  • Professional Members: 125, 150, 175 (includes CMTE’s)
  • Non members: 125, 150, 175 ($75 for CMTE’s)

Group Ticket Sale:

  • Student group- $50- when you purchase 20 or more tickets
  • Professional group- $125- when you purchase 5 or more tickets. (CMTEs included regardless of membership status“) 

Professional conference fees are based on a tiered dues structure rooted in equity that considers intersections and identities, specific life circumstances, and career stage. MAR-AMTA has adapted the system and language developed by the AMTA membership committee and voted on by the Assembly of Delegates. We trust our community members to choose their rate based on their own good faith self assessment.


Please note that member rates include CMTEs while non member rates require an additional fee for CMTE’s. The MAR-AMTA thanks the AMTA and symposium presenters for making their courses accessible to MAR conference attendees. 

Another note- membership and conference scholarships are available through MAR-AMTA. 

Equity-based Tier Selection Guide:

The tier-based dues structure is a model rooted in equitable practices, encouraging the joining member to use discernment of their unique situation when selecting a membership category.

Professional will be asked to select one of the following tiers:

  • Tier One at the rate of $125 if you are struggling to meet basic needs and have minimal expendable income.
  • Tier Two at the rate of $150 if you are able to meet basic needs and have some expendable income.
  • Tier Three at the rate of $175 if you comfortably meet basic needs and have ample expendable income.

When determining the tier that fits your unique situation, in addition to considering your ability to meet basic needs and expendable income, the examples below may further guide your discernment.

Select Tier One or Tier Two, depending on how these identities and life experiences apply to you:
  • Have dependents.
  • Receive public assistance.
  • Have $0 savings.
  • Are formerly incarcerated.
  • Have less money because of abuse.
  • Have immigration related expenses.
  • Have significant debt and/or student loans.
  • Have a chronic illness or disability that impacts your ability to earn income.
  • Are unable to access healthcare.
  • Are an elder with limited resources.
  • Are part of an historically and systemically marginalized community.
Select Tier Two or Tier Three, depending on how these identities and life experiences apply to you:
  • Pay another practitioner’s full price.
  • Have few or no dependents.
  • Have savings, investments, inherited money and/or retirement accounts.
  • Own a home or rent by choice.
  • Own other property.
  • Travel recreationally.
  • Have access to family money and resources in times of need.
  • Work part time by choice.
  • Are able to access healthcare.
  • Have earning power from college degrees, able-bodiedness, race, gender, social networks, family connections.
  • Are full-time faculty with university support for continuing education.

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