Town Hall Meeting (7/18)

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Dear MAR music therapy community,

We would like to invite you to engage with the MAR Executive Board in a Town Hall meeting on July 18, 2022 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. During this meeting, we will discuss AMTA’s current status in light of the recent changes to leadership.

Please register for the meeting at 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We look forward to this time when we can hear your perspectives!


Clarissa Lacson, MA, MT-BC

VP for Membership

7/21/22 Update: Meeting recording

Chat Text

19:09:17 From MAR President Bob Miller :
19:09:58 From Michelle Muth To Clarissa Lacson(privately) : Hey Clarissa -could you check the participant list and see who is unmuted - perhaps ask if they could mute? Thank you.
19:10:14 From Clarissa Lacson To Michelle Muth(privately) : Definitely. Thank you!
19:10:29 From MAR President Bob Miller : Matthew Brash
19:11:37 From Lauren Stoner (she/her) MAR Secretary :
19:11:57 From MAR President Bob Miller :
19:12:58 From Clarissa Lacson :
19:13:36 From MAR President Bob Miller :
19:14:02 From MAR President Bob Miller :
19:24:41 From Judy Simpson : New AMTA address: 10125 Colesville Rd, #136, Silver Spring, MD 20901
19:31:57 From Darlene Brooks : Judy, does the email address and the phone number remain the same?
19:32:15 From Judy Simpson : Yes.
19:35:40 From Sarah Monroe (she/her) : nice question
19:51:55 From Emily Lambert : a la carte pricing system
19:57:03 From Donna Polen : On the website: As such, some normal functions may experience minor disruptions. However, you can and should continue to reach out to the National Office as you have in the past via the Contact Us link.
19:58:04 From Darlene Brooks : Donna, how will we know if we haven't received anything from AMTA? My last communication was the announcement on Adonia's departure.
19:58:29 From Donna Polen : I don't know, Darlene - good question!
20:00:57 From Audrey Hausig she/hers : Here are where the news is from teh website:
20:05:26 From Emily Lambert : Thank you to moderators/hosts
20:05:35 From Brian Abrams : Thank you, everyone
20:05:47 From Roia (she/her) : Thank you for the updates!
20:05:50 From Paula Unsal : Thanks so much for holding this meeting!
20:05:55 From Sarah Monroe (she/her) : thank you!
20:06:00 From Darlene Brooks : Thank you!
20:06:17 From Kathleen Avins : thank you all!
20:06:22 From Katie Myers Ziemba : Thank you!
20:06:30 From Michelle Muth : Thank you
20:06:39 From Barbara MacLean : Thank you, all!
20:06:45 From Trish : Thanks to the MAR board for keeping the region informed and working for the regional MT-BCS

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