Conference 2022: Hotel Match!

Hello friends and members of MAR-AMTA! 

The 2022 MAR-AMTA conference continues to be shaping up to be an incredible opportunity for us to gather once again in a community of learning! Will you be joining us? Click on this link (Registration Link) to register, and hurry because registration closes on March 27th at 12:00am! 

Our conference will be held at the Hilton Harrisburg, in Harrisburg PA from April 7th-April 9th, 2022. There are a variety of benefits to staying at the conference hotel, and one is being amongst our community’s energy! We understand many individuals may choose to stay in other accommodations for a variety of reasons, including economic hardship. To continue building the community’s energy and acknowledging the need for economic access, the MAR-AMTA is offering a new incentive to stay at the Hilton Harrisburg! 

The MAR-AMTA will be price matching individuals’ accommodations rates who have previously booked accommodations outside of the Hilton Harrisburg from April 7th – April 9th, 2022. To give an example, if it costs $100 to stay at the Hilton Harrisburg, but you paid $60 to stay somewhere else, the MAR-AMTA will “price match” you by covering the extra $40 so you can stay at the Hilton Harrisburg. You will still pay only $60, but you will pay it to the MAR-AMTA and then we can book your hotel room for you. To receive this accommodation matching, you will need to the following: 

  1. Fill out this form (Google Form
  2. Provide a receipt of your original accommodation – Must have been booked prior to March 16th, 2022
  3. Filled out by 11:59pm March 22nd, 2022. 
  4. Once we have received the form, Treasurers will contact you regarding how to pay for the room match. The Regional Event Planner (REP) will complete the booking.  

The MAR-AMTA will confirm your new booking with the conference hotel, after you have made the payment to MAR-AMTA for the hotel room. Directions on how to pay MAR-AMTA will be sent once you have completed the form (Google Form). We will not cover any cancellation fees associated with your original accommodation and only original accommodations will be honored for this incentive. No points/credits/etc. will count towards the matched price. Incidentals will also not be covered by MAR-AMTA and you will need to provide the hotel with a credit card when you check-in. 

Our conference is full of wonderful events and presentations! To see our full line up of sessions, please go to our website (MAR-AMTA Conference) to find all the information! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Timothy Doak ( and Ian Vereen ( We look forward to welcoming you to the conference this year! 

In Service, 

Timothy Doak, MS, LCAT, MT-BC
VP for Conference Planning, MAR-AMTA

Ian C. Vereen, MT-BC, NMT
VP for Conference Planning-elect, MAR-AMTA

Allison Broaddrick, MT-BC 
MAR-AMTA Regional Event Coordinator 

Amanda Montera, MMT, MT-BC
MAR-AMTA Treasurer 

Nina Alden, MA, LCAT-LP, MT-BC
MAR-AMTA Treasurer-Elect