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Attention all NYS music therapists,

We are writing today to share an urgent message from the New York State Task Force on Occupational Regulation (NYSTF) regarding a data security incident discovered by the NYSED Office of the Professions which may have involved personally identifiable information for certain licensure candidates.

You may have been impacted if you met the qualifications to take the NYS creative arts therapy licensure-qualifying exam (the CBMT exam or the New York State Case Narrative Examination administered by CASTLE Worldwide, Inc.) between April 30, 2008, through October 14, 2021.

Detailed information has been posted on the NYSED OP website at the link below for a dedicated page regarding this situation.

At the bottom of the page under “How can i get additional information”, you will see that they have included a link to submit questions that are not already answered in the posted information.

We have been told that people who may have been impacted will receive direct correspondence from the OP. The task force has no information beyond what is posted on the OP website and is not able to answer questions about this.