MAR Statement in Response to AMTA Apology Statement

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Dear MAR-AMTA community,

We, the members of the MAR-AMTA Executive Board, acknowledge and apologize for the harm that we have caused and continue to cause by prioritizing the comfort of white, cis, abled, and allistic music therapists over historically marginalized music therapists, students, and stakeholders. We also recognize the harm that has been caused by the  American Music Therapy Association and by music therapists during MAR meetings. 

We are grateful to everyone who has shared their reactions to the recent apology statement from the AMTA Board of Directors that was released on October 6, 2021. We recognize that the lack of action in relation to statements and the use of minimizing language has caused further harm. We have reached out to the AMTA Board of Directors to request a meeting where together we can explore the harm that has been enacted. We look forward to collaborating on tangible actions that will be put into place on the national and regional levels. 

Through the research of the Anti-Oppressive Accountability Ad-Hoc Committee and the gracious labor of those interviewed, we can explicitly name some forms of harm perpetuated by the MAR, and are actively working to dismantle the systems ingrained into the structures and practices of the MAR that have led to silenced voices and unsafe working and volunteer experiences. We appreciate what has been shared directly by community members and the courage it has taken for them to share with us. This report and recommended action steps will be shared in our newsletter and can be found on our website here: A summary and audio files of this report are forthcoming. We will organize a meeting within the next few months specifically for the community to come together to discuss this report.  

Additionally, the second iteration of the ad-hoc committee has been formed and charged with the following: Utilize findings of the recent comprehensive report to: 1) research anti-oppressive practice/structures; and 2) explore and gather resources as recommended by the previous Anti-Oppressive Accountability Ad-Hoc Committee. Recommendations and resources for continued anti-oppressive work will be presented to the region and board.

We recognize the importance of being accountable and responsible for the implementation of change within MAR and look forward to hearing from the community throughout this process. You can find our emails in the signature below or through the following link: Executive Board : Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Music Therapy

In service,

The MAR-AMTA Executive Board

Cheyenna Eagle, Public Relations Chair

Clarissa Lacson, Vice President for Membership

Tatyana Martin, Government Relations-Elect

Ian Vereen, Vice President-Elect for Conference Planning

Nina Alden, Treasurer Elect

Beth Deyermond, Immediate Past President

Audrey Hausig, President-Elect

Amanda Montera, Treasurer

Donna Polen, Assembly Chair

Meghan Smith, Student Affairs Advisor

Stephenie Sofield, Government Relations Chair

Janet Spink, Archivist 

Melissa Srolovitz, Assistant Editor 

Liz Stevenson, Parliamentarian 

Lauren Stoner, Secretary 

Mark Ahola, Editor and Historian / 

Timothy Doak, Vice President for Conference Planning

Bob Miller, President