Actions in New Jersey During COVID-19

Submitted by Paula Unsal, Chair NJSTF

New Jersey music therapists saw their music therapist license signed into law on January 21, 2020 and in July that law became final after the mandatory 180 day waiting period. In June the same waiting period ended on the new State Board of Creative Arts and Activities Therapies.

The State Board of Creative Arts and Activities Therapies consists of two each art, drama, dance/movement, music and recreational therapists plus three public members. While the new board exists, appointments must be made in order for it to function. To that end, the New Jersey State Task Force submitted nominees for the music therapist positions.

During New Jersey’s peak COVID-19 emergency some government office functions were limited; but in July vetting of nominees for the new board began. Vetting and appointment decisions take place within the Governor’s office and the New Jersey State Task Force has remained in contact with that office to advocate for early vetting and appointment of music therapist nominees.