Student Affairs Advisor Report, March 2020

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Student Affairs Advisor Report: Molly Pow, MS, MT-BC, Student Affairs Advisor
Student Activities Updates: Melissa Acheson, MARAMTS VP

Student Affairs Advisor Report:

Our regions’ students have been busy preparing for regional conference with fundraising, MARAMTS Gives Back, and making plans for the Hill Day at Student Leadership Academy. Exciting growth has taken place throughout the year and it will be abundantly observed through their hard work at conference!

Scholarships: Student scholarships to be awarded during the conference award ceremony:
1. Sophomore/Junior/Graduate: – One student awarded $95.00
2. Jenny Shinn Memorial Award – One student/intern awarded $500.00
a. Interviews to be conducted in the morning of Friday, March 20th-previous to the award ceremony.
3. Music Therapy Club Award – Two clubs awarded $150.00.

Note: Two Chapter Representative Awards, $75.00 each will be awarded during the Student Business Meeting.

We have received many applications for each of the three scholarships! Thank you to all of the supporters, providing recommendations!

Student Leadership Academy: This year’s SLA Co-Chairs, Tatyana Martin, MT-BC and Elizabeth Smith, MT-BC have done an incredible job collaborating with our MARAMTS E-Board and the Maryland Music Therapy State Task Force to make the SLA, Hill Day remarkable! Student Participants are required to fill out and submit a Professional Agreement and Photography Consent Release Form ensuring professionalism and safety.

MAR-AMTA Conference: Passages Returns Presentation: Peyton Coleman, Senior at Temple University was selected as this year’s Passages presenter! Be sure to look for her presentation!

Passages 2020: Planning for Fall’s Passages Conference will begin in April! Beginning the planning process several months earlier will provide students the chance to submit proposals and develop their presentations throughout the summer break. Molly will be available for support! The student Passages co-chair will be selected by essay submission. Stay tuned!

MARAMTS Vice President Report:

The MARAMTS E-board and our student representatives are gearing up for another exciting regional conference! The board is transitioning to our new G-Suite emails, updating our Officer Duty Manual, planning business meetings, and picking scholarship winners in preparation.

Student Leadership Academy:
We are excited about our Maryland Hill Day for our 2020 Student Leadership Academy. Thank you to Tatyana Martin and Elizabeth Smith for all their work getting this experience ready! A training on how to advocate for music therapy legislature will be on March 12th, from 7:30-9:00 pm. If any students are unavailable, still register to attend and information from the call will be emailed to you!

Keep an eye out for MARAMTS merch at regional conference! We’ll have tote bags, stickers, and lanyards ready at the MARAMTS booth in the exhibit hall.

MAR Gives Back:
Schools from the region are fundraising to donate to “Instruments of Healing”, a nonprofit organization that uses music to educate, motivate, and inspire their peers in their recovery from mental health and addiction challenges.