Commission Connection — Two Questions

Dear colleague,

In 2018, the AMTA Board of Directors created the Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists. The Commission is charged to:

● identify inconsistencies within degree programs to support clinical practice in a changing world;
● identify inconsistencies among and between National Roster and University Affiliated Internship programs;
● recommend changes to enhance current education and clinical training practices;
● support the ongoing efforts to increase state recognition of the MT-BC credential;
● and support efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion in the profession.

The current focus of the Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists is to learn what has been done and what needs to be done before we move forward. We have been reviewing documents related to our charges and are excited to have further opportunities to listen to you. Therefore, we are reaching out to all of you for your wisdom in response to the following two big questions that will help to guide our journey:

1. How do YOU envision music therapy evolving in the 21st Century?
2. What do you want this Commission to know?

You may share your responses to these questions in the following ways:
● Fill out the Google form (, which is also available via the QR code below or our webpage on the AMTA website at . You may choose to complete this form anonymously or share your contact information with us if you wish for us to be able to follow up with you.
● Email a member of the Commission from your region or any member of the Commission you choose (all email addresses are listed at
● Comment on the social media posts asking these same questions on Facebook (, Instagram (, and/or Twitter (
● Visit our booth in the Exhibit Hall at the 2019 AMTA National Conference.

We will be tracking all of the responses that we receive from all of these different forums. We continue to ask for your suggestions on ways to reach more music therapists and music therapy students, too.

As a reminder, you can learn more about this Commission and our charges at We want to make sure that you are always able to reach us to share your feedback on all of our charges or to ask questions throughout this process. You may do so at any time using the email addresses and Google form noted above.

We truly want ALL to be involved in this process with us! Thank you in advance for helping to make that possible!

In service,
The Commission on the Education and Clinical Training
of 21st Century Music Therapists

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