Looking for CMTE’s? Check out the MAR Conference!

For a plethora of CMTE opportunities, check out the MAR-AMTA 2017 Conference in Rochester, NY.

View the CMTE Course offerings for the 2017 Conference.

Also, take a look at the Conference Program to see what is available for umbrella groupings!

Umbrella Groupings

The Board Certified Music Therapist may earn up to 100 CMTE credits per cycle for this category. Documentation required, if audited.

An umbrella grouping is a group of content-related events (presentations, seminars, workshops, in-services, etc) each fewer than 3 contact hours. These must be incorporated under a theme or unifying topic that relates to the CBMT Scope of Practice and results in a total of at least 3 contact hours. It is not the responsibility of the provider nor the CBMT to place these events into umbrella groupings. Placing events in an umbrella grouping and relating them to the CBMT Scope of Practice is the sole responsibility of the certificant.

See the full CBMT Recertification Manual for more details and clarifications about umbrella groupings.