NJSTF Hearing and News!


For those of you who are familiar with the 1942 Jule Styne/Sammy Cahn song I’ve Heard This Song Before, let’s sing together. “It seems to me I’ve heard this song before, It’s from an old familiar score.” What a sweet sound was the vote at the Senate Commerce Committee Hearing 5 to 1 to release S1601, The Music Therapist Licensing Act from this committee.

Pictured below from the NJSTF, Amanda Latham, Paula Unsal, and Brian Abrams testified and Stephanie Carr of ArtPrideNJ also testified in support of our bill.


We had a lot of support from NJ Music Therapists who also attended and shared the moment with NJSTF members. Pictured below: Marlea Gruver, Sheila Riley-Massa, Hermine Bartee, Amanda Latham, Virginia Eulacio, and Paula Unsal. Other NJ Music Therapists were there; but had to leave before the photo was taken: Amy Clarkson, Roia Rafieyan, Margot Gatenby, and of course, NJSTF member Brian Abrams.


Support was magnified because NJ Drama/Dance Movement Therapists also had their bills heard on the same day. We all signed up to register support for each other’s bills. It was a big group! NJ Drama/Dance Movement followed us in the hearing and enjoyed the same vote and success.

Paula Unsal, Chair of the NJSTF took a moment with Senator Nia H. Gill, Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee to enjoy our achievement. Senator Gill was very supportive and recognized that treatment in healthcare needs may benefit from non-traditional methods.


Now we move on in the Senate as our bill is before the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. We look forward to another successful hearing in our future!