Supervision the NYS Way or the Highway!



In an effort to help keep NYS music therapists informed regarding the Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) law and regulations, we are pleased to offer this little column of regulatory tidbits!

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The path to licensure as a creative arts therapist includes requirements in education, examination, and experience. Following completion of the education requirement, the supervised experience component mandates a minimum of 1,500 clock hours, with at least 1,000 of those hours being comprised of direct client contact. The experience requirement provides the permit holder the opportunity to continue development of their clinical skills while receiving support and guidance from the supervisor. Supervision must be in person, and regulations require a minimum of 1 hour per week or 4 hours per month.

As a supervisor, what happens if the permit holder is not demonstrating competency to the extent that you anticipated? What are your responsibilities and how can you assist them in meeting the expectations? Did you know that a supervisor who allows a supervisee to practice beyond their level of competence may be subject to charges of professional misconduct?

As music therapists, we have many resources to draw upon for providing quality supervision, so take guidance from our standards. If you find yourself serving as a supervisor for a limited permit holder, consider some of the following:

  • Develop a written agreement with the supervisee outlining the expectations and responsibilities for both parties, including items such as targeted competencies for growth, anticipated duration of the agreement, frequency/duration/location of supervisory meetings, reporting requirements, etc.;
  • Develop a format for tracking hours and content of supervisory meetings;
  • Create a plan for implementation should the supervisee not meet the targeted competencies by the targeted dates, i.e., what will you do if they have fulfilled the required hours but not demonstrated the skills?

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