Pennsylvania State Task Force

keystoneclef2The PA State Task Force (PASTF) began in 2006 and has worked to advocate for access to music therapy and the recognition of the MT-BC within PA. We have worked to acquire information regarding the scope of music therapy work in PA, pass a MT Resolution in PA recognizing MT as a profession in the PA House & Senate, and are currently working on developing a MT licensure bill in PA. We are a thriving and motivated task force that values grassroots and community building efforts as we work towards increasing access to music therapy for PA residents.

MAR State Task Force Charge

The PASTF will work collaboratively with AMTA on the State Recognition Operational Plan and to work to fulfill the AMTA mission of increasing awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increasing access to quality music therapy services within Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Task Force Members


  • Nicole Hahna, Ph.D., MT-BC, Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery
  • Melanie Walborn, MT-BC


  • Kristyn Beeman, MT-BC
  • Michelle Muth, MT-BC
  • Amy van Brug, MT-BC


  • Madison Frank


PA Updates

Here are some updates to keep PA music therapists in the know about what the task force is working on through our advocacy efforts.

To begin, here is a brief overview of what the task force has accomplished over the years with your help and the assistance of CBMT and AMTA…..

  1. Held 2 Hill Day and Advocacy CMTEs in Harrisburg/Hershey PA
  2. Worked towards the development and passing of House (HR1045) and
  3. Senate Resolution (SR 472) officially recognizing October and music therapy month in Pennsylvania and recognizing music therapy as a valid healthcare profession in PA.
  4. Maintained working relationships with our respective legislators and began discussing how to proceed with advocacy for PA residents to gain greater access to music therapy.
  5. Worked wtih CBMT, AMTA, Senator Teplitz & Senator Folmer to draft language for a music therapy license.  Language HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY BOTH SPONSORS! NEXT WEEK the memo will be circulated among the Senate where legislators can ‘sign on’ for their support. When this happens, we’ll notify you to go ahead and contact your Senator, asking him or her to support the bill. Do you know who your senator is? Get familiar now, by clicking here! and locating the county you live in.
  6. Hosted a Town Hall meeting at the 2015 MAR Regional Conference where PASTF co-chairs and members facilitated conversation about the history of task force work and the development of a state music therapy license.
  7. Worked with Senator Teplitz’s office who authored a letter to Ted Dallas, Acting Secretary of Human Services, asking Mr. Dallas to reinstate the inclusion of music therapy as an allowable service under the home and community based waiver, person family directed waiver and the Aging Waiver.
  8. Developed a State Task Force Facebook Page (not a group). Please visit and Like usso you may receive updates on what’s going on and how you may be part of the advocacy efforts as we move through anticipated legislation.
  9. Sent letters to sister professions and colleagues of related therapies to inform of our upcoming licensure legislation.  Be on the look out for another email in the next few weeks, where you can advocate by emailing or mailing a letter to your colleagues that work on your teams such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, art therapists, and rec therapists.  We’ll send you the letter already prepared!

Do you know other PA music therapists that aren’t receiving our emails? Please let us know so we can reach as many of us as possible.