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New York State Task Force


Donna Polen, LCAT, MT-BC


Ivette Farciert-Vivar
Ivette Farciert-Vivar, MT-BC
Kenny Farinelli
Kenny Farinelli, MT-BC
Elizabeth Schwartz
Elizabeth Schwartz, MA, LCAT, MT-BC
Alice Sorensen
Alice Sorensen, MS, LCAT, LMSW, MT-BC
Tracy Wanamaker, MS, MT-BC


Student Members

Matt Cohen, Graduate Student Member
Anaya Baptiste, Undergraduate Student Member



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Hey, NY!!! Did You Know???

In an effort to help keep NYS music therapists informed regarding the Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) law and regulations, we are pleased to offer this little column of regulatory tidbits!


Email: nystate.task.force@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook! The NYSTF Facebook group